Your Home, Your Sanctuary

Home in Malaga, Western AustraliaThe world is bound by laws and moral codes to protect people from their destructive self. Laws exist not to create a gap between people, but to live a peaceful life together. Some, however, choose to ignore it. There are people who decide to be modern-day Robin Hoods, some who are psychologically inept and others who do it for easy money.

Your child is living in a world of uncertainty. Criminals are getting smarter each day. The best thing to do is to protect your family in your own home. It’s where they should feel the safest.

Doubling the Protection

An efficient lock or two may be convenient, but if placed on a weak door, it will still be easy to break. Choose a peephole instead of a door chain to avoid criminals from busting in or pointing a gun inside. Install plantation shutters for your window for added security. This strong barrier will make it hard for them to enter and, when chosen properly, will keep your house looking appealing.

Going for Security Features

Set up motion detecting cameras outside to notify you if someone is lurking on the premises. An alarm system is a great way to save time in notifying the police as well as your neighbours. Smart lighting is also a way to scare burglars instantly.

Divert Attention

Smart burglars often find other ways to identify if someone is home. Have your calls forwarded instead of using the answering machine. You may also lower the volume so it won’t be heard outside. Routine is a giveaway, as burglars would often scout the place days before.
If you’re used to leaving your car in the driveway when you’re home, they would know you’re out when the car’s not there. It’s better to park in the garage.

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Your home should be a safe haven and not a place where your kids have nightmares. There may not be a lot of criminal activity in your neighbourhood, but being one step ahead is the key. You’ll never know when those intruders might knock on your door. The least you could do is to not offer them a welcome sign by being unprepared.