Wildly Simple: The Five Defining Elements of a Rustic Bathroom

Rustic bathroomRustic-style décor is aimed at people with a deep connection with nature and wildlife. It shares some elements with bucolic-inspired settings, only bolder with details, and puts an emphasis on contradictions. Here are the five defining elements of a rustic bathroom.

Warmth and Texture

Bare walls and textured flooring are the defining features of a rustic bathroom. Chunky and weighty elements are ideal for walls, and you can only achieve this with hardwood, stone, brick or rock. Not only do they exude a rugged elegance, they can withstand the wet and humid conditions of a bathroom, and provide comfort.

Natural Materials

Rustic style décor highlights natural materials and nature-inspired themes. It aims to capture the essence of a wild, unadulterated setting, which makes a wood theme a sensible choice. For the interior doors, stained, knotty hardwood and interior barn doors for sale at Uberdoors.com are a great find.

Neutral Color Scheme

An earthy and neutral color palette brings a nice balance to the weighty and textured elements. For instance, for a space dominated by hardwood or stone, it is best to paint the walls with neutral, subdued hues. Having a minimalist wall means you can go crazy with eccentric wall pieces and bold fixtures. The earthy palette is a must because it will bring a warm, soothing and cozy feel.

Unique Accessories

When it comes to styling and accessorizing, the obvious choice is unique, antique and nature-inspired pieces. Metallic tinges, unique vanities, and wildlife-inspired accessories are an intuitive choice when decorating. You can go bold, contemporary or homely, but with these pieces, you can never lose that raw and authentic flair.

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Furry and Authentic Fabrics

Unprinted fabrics, woven textile and animal fur provide a beautifully contradicting element from all the rugged hard and rough surfaces. Faux animal hides and furry carpeting make a great contemporary alternative, and an eco-friendlier on at that.

Rustic style embraces the natural state of things – from the knottiness of wood, the natural tones and the variety of nature-inspired decorations. It underlines the authenticity and simplicity of living close to nature, all in one harmonious display of these elements.