Why Have Your Home Inspected For Termite Damage?

A large termite bug eating woodLooking at a trail of termite, you can’t help but admire their orderliness, their industrious nature and their ability to establish and run a full-fledged colony. They boast an orderly social structure that sees them create colonies with hundreds of thousand termites in anthills that spread over several miles. When the nest becomes too large, the colonies break up and migrate to new grounds.

Formidable threat

Learning all this from a scientific documentary might leave you awed, not to mention impressed by the ability of such small insects to accomplish such feats. Nonetheless, you would be less than amused to find that they were making a beeline to your backyard. To sustain the growing numbers and keep every aspect of their lives in perfect working order, termites need to eat anything made of wood.

Scientists say that termites eat up to two percent their body weight daily, making them a formidable threat to properties across the country. As colonies contain tens to hundreds of thousands of members, the amount of damage that results is unimaginable. As such, these social insects migrating to your backyard spells a considerable threat to any wooden structure in the neighborhood. And oh, that includes your house, too. Calling the experts for professional termite removal in Indiana is a wise decision.

Massive losses

Experts estimate that more than 600,000 homes in the US suffer from termite damage yearly, which costs about 40 billion dollars. In most cases, homeowners notice the threat only after experiencing extensive damage on their properties. The situation is considerably worse in areas with warm and moist climate. Left to their devices, termites can take down a whole house in less than two years, rendering it uninhabitable. Since much of the damage happens below ground, you are unlikely to notice it until it is too late.

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Despite their small size, termites pose a considerable threat to homeowners and cause billions of dollars’ worth of damage every year. With the help of a reputable termite removal service company, you can eliminate such a threat and keep your property and family safe.