What You Don’t Know Can Damage Your Carpet Severely

Carpet Cleaners in BrightonIf you think that it is okay to fold carpets and then tie them up with a string, then you must aspire to further your education on carpet care. The best way to store and transport a carpet is to roll it into a cigar shape. That’s lesson number one. Before purchasing a valuable carpet, you should learn about a few handling and maintenance essentials.

Spread the weight

Furniture can leave marks that disfigure the carpet permanently. Prevent this from happening by using devices that spread the weight of heavy furniture. If you cannot find suitable castor cups, then rearrange the furniture following a regular schedule. In this way, there is no opportunity for furniture to damage the carpet fibres and supporting structure. Heels can also do damage carpets, particularly thin stilettos that create unsightly and often irreparable holes. Make sure you direct shoe traffic away from your valuable carpet to prevent this from happening.

Abrasions and stains

Most homeowners are aware of basic carpet cleaning and maintenance guidelines. However, many still forget the underside of the carpet. Some underfelt materials attract insect colonies, and when they proliferate you will have a ruined carpet and an infested home. Ask a carpet cleaning in Brighton expert in your area whether they have synthetic products to serve as a protective layer on the underside of the carpet. The underlay also protects the carpet from abrasions and stains from floor finishing or wax applications.

 According to Carpetbright.uk.com, get carpet cleaning professional in Brighton to ensure deep cleaning without compromsing your carpet.

Proper spotting

When you see a spot on your valuable carpet, remember that spotting is preferable to scrubbing. The addition of spotting products is your prerogative. First, find a hidden area and test the chemical solution. How does it react with the fibres? If the product is endorsed by a carpet cleaning professional, you can apply the solution on the carpet taking care that the area is not saturated with liquid. The best method is to start outward, working slowly toward the center of the spot.

Learning about proper handling prevents damage and increases the lifespan of valuable property. Be proactive in protecting your carpet from potential damage.