What are the Rates for Gardening and Landscaping Work?

Gardener Watering a Plant

The price of gardening services in Australia typically costs $60 per hour, while landscaping design could be more than $50 per hour in some states and territories.

Homeowners can choose to do the landscaping design themselves and plan the layout of their gardens. You can start by looking for garden benches for sale, as well as other items that can serve as focal points of the yard.

If you are unsure of what goes well with the surroundings, hiring a professional would be a better option.

Gardening Work

The cost of getting professional help may be cheaper if you contract someone to do it regularly. You can strike a deal with a gardener who can charge a flat rate for monthly visits. In case you only need seasonal work, the type of job will determine the rate.

Basic work, such as trimming shrubs, may cost $30 per hour, while other extensive tasks like removing tree stumps will attract a higher rate. You should only leave tree stump removal to an arborist who specialises in this type of job.

Designing the Area

If you live in New South Wales and Victoria, the average cost of hiring a landscape designer may now be more than $50 per hour. The hourly rate in Queensland may have increased more than $55 as well. Homeowners should consider professional landscape designers, especially for choosing the right type of plants and flowers.

Not all types of plants and animals thrive in a certain place, so an expert will be the one to determine the suitable ones for your garden.

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When choosing a professional landscape designer or gardener, ask first if they charge a flat rate for their services. Some may charge you for the full hour even if the involved work takes a shorter period.