Ways You Can Use Barnyard Doors in Your Home

White barn door

Sliding barn doors here in Australia are very versatile pieces. Many homes feature this design element in their homes, not just as a space-saving solution but also as a creative way to do these five design tricks for the home.

A room divider

Sliding doors provide the option to separate rooms and create more defined spaces when you need to. But as this is a movable installation, it still gives you the freedom to an open floor plan setup when you need it.

Sliding doors, when used as room partitions, offer a lot of flexibility in your use of space and allows you to have access to a more compact and defined area layout or a fully open, free flowing space at your whim.

As an accent piece

These doors possess a lot of charm and character that they make perfect wall accent pieces, too. These doors can instantly elevate the look of a space and very easily blend with your home’s interior design. Another creative way to use it as an accent piece is as a headboard.

It gives the bedroom a soft, laid back look which is perfect if you want to create a more relaxed yet striking look for your bedroom.

To conceal a small area

Whether it’s a kitchenette, a laundrette, a small office, or a system of wall shelving, installing sliding barn doors is the best way to conceal this space and create an overall seamless look in the room. It gives the ability to maximise these functional small spaces while keeping them concealed when not in use.

It also serves as a safety barrier for the work areas, especially for homes with small kids and with pets.

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Sliding bar doors are easy to install, easy to design, and allow you to maximise and design your space in unique ways like the three ones mentioned above. Thinking about installing one at your home? Get started with that project, and we promise you, it’s going to look so barn good!