Water Damage: Tips To Help You Avoid Unnecessary Repair Costs

Whether you have insured your home against water damage or not, it would benefit you prevent any type damage on your house. Applying for damage claims is often tedious and may take a lot of time. Additionally, based on the policies of most insurance companies, you may end up receiving only a small percentage of the value of the damaged sections and the expected cost of repair.

Here’s what you can do to avoid all that hassle:

Seal Any Leaking Pipes

Leaking pipes are the main cause of water damage. High Tech Carpet Cleaning, a cleaning and restoration expert, agrees. The company recommends that if you have leaky pipes, call a company that offers water damage restoration services in British Columbia. Professional restoration experts can also repair any damage on your walls and surrounding structures. As you wait for their arrival, turn off the main water valve to cut off the flow of water through the pipes. Doing so reduces the workload to be done and prevents further damage to your house.

Check Your Water Bill

Often, your water bill every month hovers around the same range with little variations. An abnormal increase in the water bill may be an indicator that there are some leaking pipes in your house. Start by cutting off the flow of water to your house. You can then inspect the water line to identify any breakages that caused the leak. Any suspicious pools of water around your property may give you a hint on where the leakage is.

Monitor the Water Pressure

Always ensure that the water pressure is set at a reasonable level. Extreme pressures may result in the bursting of pipes. Additionally, in the event that a pipe bursts, high pressure increases the rate with which water leaks. It will release more water and cause more damage to your house.

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Keep Taps Closed When Not In Use

Never leave the tap open if you plan to leave the room. You could easily forget about it and go about your other activities. Even if there’s no water supply from the main, keep the taps closed as the water may come back when you’re not at home.

Protect your home from water damage by being cautious about your water lines. Keeping them in excellent condition will go a long way towards maintaining the integrity and market value of your home.