Types of Caulk Compounds Used to Repair Leaky Gutters

man using Caulk Compounds on a gutter to be re-installedRain gutters are currently an integral part of all properties. Some states even have legislation on the installation of gutters. This is in an attempt to minimize foundation and wall damage to the properties in the region.

There are, however, times that even the best-maintained and installed gutters develop leaks. In these instances, a rain gutter repair company, such as Double T. Inc in Salt Lake City, will generally recommend the application of caulk compounds to seal the leak.

There are many caulk products on the market, but their efficiency differs. Here are the most efficient caulking compounds used in gutter leak repair.

Butyl Rubber Compounds

This type of sealant boasts an efficient formula which is watertight, reliable and flexible. Its flexibility supports its use in areas with broad temperature variations. Butyl rubber caulk compounds are currently the ones with the most extended water-retaining capabilities.

Polymer-Based Compounds

These compounds are not just used for repairing leaking gutters but also new gutter installation. There are some polymer caulk compound brands which contain a hybrid formulation and no solvents. These properties make the product resistant to shrinking while it cures.

Polymer-based caulk compounds are primarily used in the repair of PVC and aluminum gutter systems. They are however more expensive compared with butyl rubber caulk compounds.

Urethane-Based Compounds

The renowned properties of urethane-based caulk compounds are their easy setting, extended flexibility, and strong UV-resistance. They are closely related to silicone-based caulking products but unlike the latter are almost odorless.

Urethane-based caulk may also be used for moisture curing, a procedure involving the application of this product to a wet gutter to enhance its bond.

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With the products mentioned here, you can save money on foundation and wall repairs. You will come across these caulk compounds in various stores. They should however only be handled by experts as their application requires unique protective clothing to minimize injuries.