The Country Life: How to Give Your Home Some Rustic Charm

A neat living space

There are times when the usual interior designs get stale and unappealing. The elegant Victorian theme may be quite challenging to maintain, and a mid-century design may be difficult to pull off if you have a small space. But if you want to keep things basic and yet beautiful, you can always go for rustic themes.

Close to shabby chic, rustic interiors give your home a country and homey feel. It may be reminiscent of the fresh ambience that is evident in beach and farmhouses. What’s great about this theme is that it is easy to achieve. It also makes room for personalisation if that is your thing.

Below are some of the things to keep in mind to pull this off.

Go for wood and more wood

Wood characterises country homes. As such, this element should be easily seen in your design pieces. For one, you can have a wooden floor. The valances and ceiling beams should also be made of wood. To give your door some twist, you can use Australian sliding barn door hardware. Give your wood some shine with the right varnish.

Pick light colours

Country and rustic homes are supposed to look light and blithe. And this is something you can quickly do by painting the walls with light colours. Whites and beiges are nice choices, but you can always go for unconventional choices, such as pastel blue or even pink.

Make the space bright

The space should also feel bright and ethereal. As such, you should have big windows that are charmingly framed by wood or bricks. Letting the natural light in will make your room appear airy. Make the light bounce to have a brighter room by placing large mirrors.

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A country or rustic home is something you may want to have if you want an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city or of life in general. It is easy to pull off, as there are many inspirations you can always look at.