Smart Homeowners’ Guide on Controlling Mosquito Populations


Mosquitos carry and spread diseases that are harmful to the health. For this reason, you need to prevent mosquitos from nesting in and around your home. Using traps and zapping devices in your yard may not solve the problem. Even if you fill the space with the latest products designed to attract and kill mosquitoes, your family can still be at risk for the numerous diseases they carry. Mosquitoes are tenacious insects, and you must be a smart homeowner to deal with them effectively.

Use Natural Remedies

Some American homes set up an oscillating fan outdoors as soon as the mosquito season sets in. The artificial wind can deter a few flyers, but it is not much of a solution unless you have several fans pointing at every possible direction.

Some of the most effective solutions for dealing with mosquito populations are natural; even pest control services in Edmond recommend them. One example is to grow plants with mosquito repellent properties, like marigolds and lemongrass. Ask a local gardener for advice on this matter. Also, make sure the yard is attractive to natural predators of mosquitoes, such as birds, dragonfly nymphs, and diving beetles.

Get Rid of Standing Water

Draining standing water is the simplest but most effective way to manage mosquito populations. These insects lay their eggs on standing water; without shallow puddles or undisturbed liquid surfaces, there is nowhere for them to lay their young. So, if a community has plenty of pools of stagnant water, it will be difficult to remove the health risks associated with their bites.

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Set aside a weekend to remove still water from empty cans, tires, and containers, and make sure you dry and drain them thoroughly. Scrub and clean potential breeding grounds, as well. Doing so gets rid of the eggs that have already been laid there.

How Effective Are Repellents?

You can spend money on sprays and traps but remember: they only work against adult mosquitoes. The eggs will still hatch on water and larvae already wriggling on shallow puddles can grow into adulthood. Do not even bother wearing mosquito repellent wristbands.

Be smart when dealing with mosquito populations in the yard. Call pest control professionals if the problem is more than you can handle.