Small and Big Home Renovations to Accommodate Seniors’ Needs

a smiling senior woman

Much of the anxiety that comes with getting older has to do with feelings of helplessness. Not being able to care for oneself is far from being a comforting thought. So, when renovating a home to make it more senior-friendly, your goal should be to increase their ability to be self-reliant.

You can do this by improving access to rooms and storage areas while eliminating the risks of slips and falls. Enable seniors to open drawers and doors with as little effort as possible. Open up living spaces so walking around is safer and easier.

To this end, there are innovative products that are specifically designed for your family members past the age of retirement that you could consider integrating into the remodeling design.

Walk-in tubs and non-slip flooring.

According to the National Council on Aging, a senior is rushed to the emergency room every 11 seconds due to a fall. This is where walk-in tubs for elderly family members come in. In addition to non-slip flooring, handlebars, and good lighting, walk-in tubs reduce the risk of slipping and falling during unassisted bathing.

Stair Lifts and Elevators.

Lifts are cheaper alternatives to elevators. Both of them help seniors go up and down the stairs despite aches and pains. The big advantage of having them installed is that they enable seniors to move around a multiple-story home independently.

Senior Tracker Systems and Emergency Alert Systems.

With all the things that need to be done in a single day, it’s hard to keep track of all family members, including the elderly. With home-installed emergency alert systems, the senior under your care would have better access to medical services when then urgently need them. Moreover, specially designed tracking systems meanwhile enable to do simple errands or attend social gatherings more safely, facilitating better communication between seniors and their caregivers.

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Doorknobs and all the little things.

Compared to knobs, lever-style handles are less strenuous to work with for those with aching joints. Storage spaces should also be remodeled in such a way that bending too low or reaching too high will no longer be necessary.

Life can still be fulfilling for the elderly if homes were specifically designed to meet their needs.