Should Your Business Prioritize Physical Safety Over Cyberspace Security?

Building an industrial fence for business securityMany businesses ponder on how to maintain cyberspace security in this age of emerging digital technologies, which somehow raised the question if it has become more important than protecting your physical assets.

For instance, the installation of an industrial fence or barrier to secure your tangible resources is somehow similar to how you implement several layers of security for your digital network.

Culture of Safety

The more modern devices you use in the workplace, the higher the risk of attracting hackers. You should take note of instilling a culture of safety among employees. A floor marshall particularly makes sense for businesses with a relatively large workforce.

Since many people are working in a certain location, it may be difficult to determine if someone works for the company especially new employees. Intruders are aware of this fact. Not many people will be keen on asking an unfamiliar person if they are a legitimate employee.

For this reason, unauthorized individuals may enter a facility to cause harm or steal valuable property.

Visitor Policy

Aside from a floor marshall, implementing a visitor management policy serves as one way to prevent intruders from gaining entry to the workplace. Think of it as a password that your computer asks when you try to access it.

In some cases, even contractors and other outsiders with limited access to the premises can pose risks if they wander to restricted areas. The management policy ensures that authorized staff escorts these individuals during their stay.

The efficiency of this policy also depends on how you communicate it to your employees. If they are aware of recognizing intruders, it is more likely that they will report suspicious people.

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While protecting your business from threats no longer involves warding off robbers, vandals and intruders, keep in mind that safeguarding your physical assets remains just as important as cyberspace security.