Should You Get a Sink Made from Quartz Composite?

Modern KitchenIf you’re going to redesign your kitchen or bathroom, one of the fixtures that you need to take into consideration is the sink, especially if you want it to stand out or look great with the countertop you’re going to use. For years, it’s been the stainless steel sink that was the popular choice, especially for kitchen.

These days, companies such as offer various types of sinks, including composites, which are an emerging trend.

Why Give Composites a Chance?

Stainless steel ruled the market as one of the most popular material for sinks. Porcelain and enameled cast iron were the second and third choices, respectively. Because there aren’t many choices in the market, those looking for a new sink would concentrate on the ease of installation.

But today you have the option to get composites sinks. This type of sink mixes two different materials and they will typically come in quartz or granite. The combination of materials creates a distinguished look that can add a bit of sophistication for your kitchen or bathroom counters. Composite sinks are also durable; because of the material’s high stone density and solid construction.

Why Use Composite Quartz Sinks?

Composite quartz is the result of combining quartz with resin filler. It has enough surface power to resist dings and stains.

If you have quartz countertops, you may want to top it off with sink made from the same material. The combination makes the material completely easy to maintain. It is also incredibly durable and can resist heat up to 525°F. If you’re worried about its price, fear not; the attractive and durable countertop is affordable because of its artificial content.

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Kitchen or bathroom renovations are exciting—when done right. From choosing the appropriate design and having the right plan to choosing the right materials and having the right budget, your home improvement project can add good value to your property.