Shade Cloth Options for Commercial Greenhouses


Shade cloths provide superior ventilation, enhance light diffusion, and reflect summer sunlight to keep greenhouses cool. These cloths are available in different materials with varying amounts of shading. Thus, you can choose one depending on the intensity of the sunlight in your area. To be more precise, shade cloths provide between 30 to 80 percent shade, and the higher percentage is reserved for areas that receive intense sunlight. The following information will give you an overview of different shade cloths, allowing you to choose one that will work best for your specific purpose.

Black Nylon

This type of shade cloth is hung on the exterior of the greenhouse structure. It is relatively cheap and does a great job of filtering out excess light. Although it provides the much-needed shade, black nylon shade cloth does a minimal job in cooling the greenhouse. This is because dark colors are poor light reflectors. As you can imagine, a black cloth will also barely enhance the aesthetic appeal of your structure, and the fact that it’s hanged on the exterior doesn’t help. It should also be noted that since they are exposed to dirt, dust, and debris, black nylon shade cloths require additional maintenance.


This is among the most affordable and effective shade cloths available today. After concluding a commercial greenhouse construction project, the involved professionals hang the aluminet shade cloth on the interior section of the structure and place it flush against the ceiling or walls. This material is considered to be unique because it not only provides shade from sunlight but also reflects the heat, which goes a long way in cooling off the structure. This interior shade cloth is the perfect choice for people who are looking to maintain the natural beauty of their greenhouse.

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Guide Wire Shade Cloths

This denotes a system where the shade cloth is attached to guide wires. The system works similarly to a shower curtain. However, with this system, you will need to use cables to hold and pull the cloth. These shade cloths are also operated using a motor. Guidewire shade cloths are perfect for large commercial greenhouses where it sometimes becomes necessary to cover a particular section. For instance, you might have light-sensitive seedlings growing in the same structure as plants that need sunlight. If this is the case, you can use this system to cover the seedlings without blocking sunrays from the other plants.

Regardless of the material with which they are made, shade cloths are effective in reducing heat and protecting your plants from direct sunlight. They also present a time and energy saving method that’s superior to other heat reduction techniques, such as air movement with fans and evaporative cooling. Shade cloths are also ideal materials to use during summer when temperatures escalate to destructive levels.