Sensor-equipped Plant Pods Make Indoor Gardening Easier

Plug PlantA new kickstarter project is set to make indoor gardening a lot easier. Plug & Plant is an innovative wall-mounted garden pod system that neatly organizes indoor plants, and is equipped with Bluetooth room, humidity and light sensors. The seemingly futuristic set of equipment gathers data from the environment and will help first time gardeners by providing tips for optimal plant growth.

Better Indoor Gardening

The modular setup’s impressive features are the main attraction to this new and inventive gardening setup. Indoor gardening has always been a challenge for many people simply because of the difficulty setting up a proper watering and maintenance regimen for the growing plants. The indoor temperature of a house isn’t exactly as stable as the outside and many plants can easily wither and die if the environment becomes unsuitable for them to live in.

The kickstarter project is set to make all of these a non-issue. The impressive system gathers data from the environment in real time and reports it to give gardeners an idea how to optimize their plant’s growth and cope with sudden changes. The Bluetooth capabilities of the setup also make use of humidity, room, and light sensors to make the environment more suitable to the growing plant.

Finally, its smart water tank uses the collected data to create a sustainable and effective watering regiment for up to thirty days. All the environmental details are beamed to a companion app that displays the plant’s stats and provides additional suggestions for care.

Improving Visual Appeal

tomatoIndoor plants already make the visual appeal of a home’s living space ten times better. The inventive modular set up will make it look even better, and its functions surpass that of the usual wall-mounted pots. The pods are expandable to make a larger display of foliage, and unlike similar set ups, they don’t make use of any dirt at all. Instead, Plug & Plant utilizes biodegradable biofoam that allows the plant’s roots to spread and grow in a manner similar to how it spreads to regular soil.

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The kickstarter project currently has thirty different plants to choose from; among the choices are various lettuce, herb, pepper, and tomato varieties. The beginner package is $49, while the one that includes a watering system will be around $189.

This upcoming gardening system is set to make indoor gardening a lot easier for many people. For those living in apartments, the modular system allows it to easily blend and be a part of the living space’s decorations, turning a cramped living room or guest area into a greener space.