Sensible Solutions to Weed Infestation

A green patch of grass,shrubs and trees ornamenting a path-walk
While it is possible to have a healthy and green backyard, it is not realistic to maintain a lawn that is 100% weed-free. Experts suggest that, without homeowners even noticing, a typical yard may have around 10 to 20 percent weed growth. While growing plants, you will also, perhaps, without you even noticing, inevitably be cultivating weeds. Therefore, a realistic goal would be not so much a 100 percent weed-free garden, but to achieve the lowest percentage of weed growth possible.

How Weeds Thrive

When dealing with weeds, it is important to know and understand how they grow and multiply. Weeds occur in conditions where the grass plant is unable to grow healthily. These include in extremely dry or wet areas, under-fertilized lawns, and shady spots. If the lawn is covered with a lot of weeds, this signifies a deeper problem or wrong practices such as:

  • Bad or poor mowing habits
  • Wrong type of grass
  • Compacted soil
  • Light watering or over watering

Improving Lawn Conditions

Addressing the problem will help you eliminate most weeds. Some use DIY herbicides but, while effective, these only provide a temporary solution, as they do not actually prevent the weeds from growing back. Utah yard weed control experts suggest that it is better to change the conditions or environments that support the growth of weeds. Along with the regular use of environmentally friendly herbicides, controlling the conditions of your yard will keep pesky weeds from invading the lawn.

Proper Care Practices

Improving the health of a lawn is possible through proper mowing, irrigation, and fertilization. It is also advisable to over-seed shady, weak, or thin areas and to aerate the lawn annually. These can improve the grass’s color, as well as the density of the turf. You may also want to consult lawn care experts, especially when considering some lawn alternatives in shady areas and steep slopes.

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If the weeds have invaded a large part of the lawn, it is best to call professionals. While you might think to try “Weed-N- Feed” products, they are not the best way to control the weeds. This is because unnecessary chemicals may spread over into areas where there are no weeds, and damage other trees and plants. It is best to pull them out manually and put seeds in bare spots.