Remove the Clutter in Your Home in 3 Easy Steps

Lady cleaning window with clothIf you’re on a mission to clean your home and get rid of the clutter that affects your day-to-day efficiency, then you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a quick 3-step decluttering method to guide you through your clean-up mission from start to finish.


First, scan your home. Look around each room of your house to see anything that doesn’t belong in each room. It will help if you make a list so that you can track down what you actually need to be in every room. The list will serve as an inventory and as a guide for the next step, notes a junk pickup company.

Sort and search

The second step in decluttering is sorting. This is also the most time-consuming part. To make it more systematic, have three different boxes for this part: quick sort, toss, and donate.

Any misplaced item that you still need is sent to the quick sort box for reorganizing. Anything that’s broken or empty goes into the toss box for disposal. Anything that’s not broken but has no use or purpose to be in your home anymore goes into the donate box. This sorting system allows you to declutter your entire home, room by room.

Once you’re done with the box sorting, go back to the quick sort box and return the items in their proper places. Use the inventory you made from step 1 to shop in your sort box and search for the things you need before getting anything that’s on the to-buy list. You just might actually find some of the things that you need already in your sort box.

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The third and final step in decluttering is moving the donate and the toss boxes out. You can do this conveniently by contacting a junk pickup company who can take care of the disposal for you. You can even have old furniture and appliances hauled off to clear your space if you have any of these sitting idly in your home.

Removing clutter from your home to make space for things that make your life efficient is an excellent way to improve your day to day. It makes handling daily routines much easier when there’s no need to worry about the small things that slow you down.