Reasons to Install a Wooden Staircase in your Home

A wooden staircase

Staircases do not only connect floors; with good design, they can raise the whole aesthetic quality of a home. There are various types of stairs, but wooden stairs are a popular choice for designers remodelling a home. Here are reasons why you should build wooden staircases at your home.

Timber is versatile.

Installing wooden stairs doesn’t mean that you have to stick to its natural finish. There are various designs of wood step treads that you can choose from. You can paint the wood for a rustic finish or have handrail designs carved or installed.

Timber is light.

There’s a myriad of wood types to choose from when building a staircase. Timber is lighter than concrete but is very durable. Installing wooden stairs saves space as it doesn’t require additional middle support. Not having to pay for concrete support can mean considerable savings.

Timber is durable.

Wooden stairs have been used by home developers for years as they are known to be hardwearing and durable. Most installers use wood from hardwood trees as they have the potential to last and do not need constant repairs and replacements. The staircase will be protected from scuffs, age marks and spills when painted with specially designed coatings and varnishes.

Timber stairs are easy to style and accessorise.

Style and accessorise to match to your home’s aesthetic. You can install a wall of picture frames and artwork. You can also paint your steps a different colour or install carpets. Different wall textures and accent pieces such as woodwork make the difference in a plain wall. The possibilities are endless when it comes to designing your wooden stairs.

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When building or renovating a new home, opting for a wooden staircase makes a difference. It’s not only durable but adds timeless elegance.