Professional Roof Makeover Options for a Cooler Home During the Summer

Roof Restorations in Perth

Roof Restorations in PerthIn any city, about 15 to 25 percent of the solid surface consists of roofs. Any modifications on roofing systems have a direct effect on the heating index in urban centres. Cities can be cooler and more comfortable in the summer months if the roofs have better capability to reflect sunlight and heat.

Consequently, the concentration of airborne pollutants in any area decreases with the environmental temperature. Roofs designed to promote cooler environments are equally friendly to people and the environment.

Making roofs colder than the surrounding air

Did you know that smart roof design options are available to Australian home and business owners? Today, you can have a roof that remains colder than the air around it — something handy when the summer heat intensifies. Roofs absorb heat from the outside air, and they heat up by about 9-12 degrees Celsius from being exposed to direct sunlight. If the roof is cooler than ambient air, the entire house will be cooler as well. As a result, your HVAC system does not have to work as hard to keep up.

Introducing Cool Smart Technology

Do you have the means to give the roof a professional makeover? One of the most promising innovations available to Australians is Cool Smart Technology. This product lowers the outdoor temperature on the surface by about 5 degrees Celsius. You may choose from a range of colours, each with a corresponding heat reflection property.

When you request for a roof restoration quote, says Perth-based restorers can provide you with a detailed sheet of expenses that you will likely incur if you choose this tint formulation technology. This could be the cost-effective solution you are looking for to reduce heat in your house during the summer.

There are different ways to prevent your house from heating up and to lower the internal temperature in the hot months of the year. Cool roof technology delivers all these. Moreover, you will also be paying lower electricity bills to cool the entire household.

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