Pool & Size: 3 Design Options for Small Backyards

Swimming Pool in Salt Lake CityYou don’t need an overly spacious background to have a pool in your home. With a little bit of creativity and ingenuity, you can enjoy a backyard swimming pool despite a limited space. It all comes to planning and choosing the right design that will maximize the space you have.

Dolphin Pools & Spas and other custom pool designers share a few design ideas that can work well with homes with a relatively small backyard space.

The Rectangular Pool

A classic, rectangular pool in smaller dimensions can fit any backyard space. This clean and contemporary shape can be an extension of your home, while also serving as a hangout place for family and friends. The classic and straight lines of a rectangular shape can also amaze guests because of its trendy, modern, and sleek feel.

A Pool with Many Curves

Apart from the classic rectangular pool, other shapes can also fit a small backyard. Irregular ones work best if you want a pool that oozes a modern vibe. Pools with a lot of curves and turns can also imitate an ambiance you want with the right design and construction materials. The right lighting and water features can also take the away the fact that your pool is small.

Dip into a Plunge Pool

Plunge pools focus more on depth rather than length and width. Many pool designers today can work with homeowners to fit a dipping pool in spite of a small backyard space. These are also modern, easy to maintain, and promote health and wellness. You can choose a pool that stretches across 10 feet or even smaller, and then just rely more on its depth.

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Space should not be a hindrance if you want to have a pool in your background. It is best to think about the right design or shape, the deck space available, and a style that harmonizes house itself. Work with a reliable builder and designer to transform your backyard into a cool hangout place.