Options for Affordable Wall Storage Systems

Built-In Shelves Moving into a new home is both exciting and a chore. Unpacking moving boxes and placing items in their respective rooms and places can be tedious and frustrating when you find that you do not have any space left.

Fortunately, all homeowners can benefit from using wall storage systems. Here are affordable wall storage options you could install in your home.

Hooks and baskets

You can create extra storage space using appropriate fasteners to affix baskets, canvas storage totes, and hooks on concrete and gypsum board walls. You can also use pegboards to achieve the same result.

Track systems

These are horizontal rails that you can mount on a wall. You can then attach hooks storage bins, supporting cabinets, and shelves. When shopping for track systems, choose those made of steel with an enamel coating for extended durability.

Wire grids

These are typically a meshwork of metal with a coating of strong polymers to form a rust-proof layer on the underlying metal. Wire grids are an effective way of turning your walls into storage spaces as their structure is strong enough to support many shelving components.

You can also repurpose your walls for the much needed extra storage by running several horizontal slats of aluminium, steel, resin, or medium-density fibreboard leaving grooves between the slats wide enough to accommodate storage accessories. You can even store some of the items in these spaces to free up your cabinets.

Depending on the type of wall storage systems and number of components you will use, standard construction and outfitting for the extra storage should not cost you an arm and a leg. You can also plan to add these with the help of a professional handyman. So, do not fret when you don’t have enough space. The help you need is around you…on your bare walls.

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