Old Vacuums and Smart Bacteria: Dirt is Everywhere

New Vacuum Cleaner

Home Cleaning Using a Vacuum CleanerIt would probably be so much easier to maintain cleaner spaces if all kinds of dirt were easily noticeable. After all, being aware that a certain area in the house is full of dirt has that nagging effect that makes it hard not to tidy things up. This, of course, is the most ideal scenario — in the real world, removing easily recognizable dirt is only half the work. The other half, troublingly, is everywhere being made up of dust. Not only is dust the most abundant kind of dirt in most houses, it is also the most evasive.

Solving a dust problem and avoiding buildup should be top priority for homeowners everywhere. Even if no one there is no one at home who is asthmatic and might have surprise attacks during the night, dust lowers living quality without question. It literally dirties everything from furniture and appliances to things inside cabinets and ceilings. With these scenarios in mind, it’s easy to see why central vacuum systems are the future of clean homes.

When Old is Old

No one in their right mind will consciously buy an old-school vacuum cleaner. Not only are these items obsolete and near extinction, the technology is subpar. Moreover, the neighbor-raising noises it produces is never ideal. On the other hand, not many people can afford a space-age vacuum. So, as a result, they are stuck using the same bulky, deafening vacuum cleaners.

Science, however, has proven that it is more than a lugging mess of a cleaner. It is also a distributor of dirt. The researchers conclusively proved that old and cheaper vacuums actually release fine dust into the air. The irony is palpable, literally and figuratively, because these contraptions are supposed to make houses cleaner in finer detail. This can easily trigger allergies and spread infections — hardly an ideal scenario in a family home.

Bacteria Pool

Dust gathers on flat surfaces, that enough is obvious to people. More than that, it is a primary pollutant indoors,  with an especially high concentration on cabinet tops and other hard-to-reach surfaces. Think of it as a progenitor of a really bad living quality.

In the study of bacteria’s attraction to tiny magnetic particles, there’s reason to believe that it’s something that happens in homes. Moreover, dust acts as fermenter to bacteria within the immediate surroundings. The mention of night/day cycles and the amount of light are very relatable when considering dust build-up in residential properties. As a result, not only does dust accumulate, but it is also possible that it attracts harmful bacteria.

A Solution

New Vacuum CleanerAs mentioned earlier, central vacuums can play a big role in keeping houses clean in the future. But, as vacuum cleaners in general have a poor standing in the eyes of science, what’s different with this one? Well, its most redeeming quality is that there’s no need to carry it. Central vacuum systems are what it sounds like: vacuum units installed at a central point inside the house. A regular unit is roughly four to five times more powerful than most regular carry-on vacuum cleaners.

More than that, it’s no harder to use than a regular vacuum. There are attachments to connect to canisters around the house, usually one per floor, so there’s nothing to carry. When the power unit is permanently out of the way, it makes cleaning more efficient and much easier. Even a regular broom is a useful tool with a central vacuum system.

There are specifics that only a contractor can clear, such as which kinds, how many canisters there should be or how much central system repair costs. It’s also important to remember that installing a central vacuum system is a heavy investment. Reliable units cost upwards of a thousand dollars, and there’s ductwork and labor to shoulder, too. Nonetheless, it makes a world of difference in cleaning and general tidiness.

HowStuffWorks does a very good job at explaining the basics of central vacuum systems. By the looks of it, it’s very hard to go back to shoulder straps, wire, and general discomfort when using a carry-on vacuum cleaner, much less a big one. Furthermore, it will return its value. Whether through contribution to property value or making the house easier to clean, investing in central vacuum systems is money well spent.