Not Just for the Pool: Swimming Helps Kids in Other Sports

Father and son swimming

Father and son swimmingSwimming does more than just teach children the basic pool tricks; it can also hone them into better athletes in the future.

While aquatic sports tend to be categorised as unique in both training and psychological preparation, it also establishes foundation that benefits land-based athletes. Apart from building up your child’s body, the activity hones coordination skills that improve their performance in a variety of sports. But they have to train in a well-built pool.

Guardian Industries, a WA pool manufacturer, finds that fibreglass pool is ideal because it will ensure the safety and enjoyment of your kids as they develop an interest in and the skills for other sports.

Better Lung Capacity

Lung capacity is a crucial measure in terms of cardiovascular fitness. Swimming trains kids to hold their breath longer; better breath control not only helps them last longer under the water; it also sustains them during high-intensity exercises. Swimming increases lung capacity—an advantage for land-based sports.

Experienced athletes measure their progress by checking their heart rates. After each swim set, they take their pulse and see how they can quickly lower it, which is another skill kids can learn from swimming.

Build Full Body Strength

Swimming is not just a cardio-based sport; the activity also builds up strength and hones full body movements. Each stroke encourages kids to achieve a greater range of motion around the shoulders and through their hips and torso. This is helpful for other sports that require rotational motion such as golf, baseball and football.

By improving their core strength, swimming helps kids transfer the force efficiently from the upper to the lower body.

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Encourage Participation in Other Sports

Apart from improving endurance and building fitness, swimming teaches kids confidence. Participation in non-competitive activities such as swimming encourages children to be more confident with their skills. It also fosters a positive attitude towards exercise; when they see they do well in swimming, they might also want to participate in other sports.

Swimming does not only encourage your child to love the water more. It also builds them into better athletes, a plus should they decide to venture in the world of sports.