Mirrors and Lighted Doors: Making Spaces Appear Larger

Craftsman Interior Door

Craftsman Interior DoorsArchitects and interior decorators always find new and inspiring ways to transform spaces. As cities become denser, people are always on the look for creative ways to make their tiny home appear larger. This has inspired a whole new movement of interior designing that caters to such needs.

Among the many techniques used, mirrors and lighted doors are the most popular. With the right arrangement and choice of features, the results they deliver are astonishing.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall

Wall mirrors add light and warmth to any space, creating the illusion that the room is wider and taller. The soft glow emanating from the beveled glass brings a classic kind of depth and style to the room. An effective technique is to layer them up to make the room feel even larger and open-looking.

Framed mirrors also make great fake windows, giving the illusion that natural light is flowing in the room. Having a mirrored wall also means that you’ll experience different mood and lighting effects as the day passes.

Glass Furniture

Glass furniture pieces are a great space-saver that can also trick the mind into thinking that the room is larger. Place wooden or metal-framed cabinets integrated with glass panels or tables with glass surfaces help reflect light and look easy in the eye.

To achieve a better effect, place glass furniture to the adjacent wall where there’s a glass window or door, or across a mirrored wall. Never place both elements in the same spot, as it will only counter the effect. When styling glass cabinets, consider the principles of scale to keep things neat and balanced.

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Lighted doors

Another great technique is the use of lighted interior and exterior doors. Exterior wood doors integrated with glass panels lend a dramatic effect, bringing the outside in. French doors with interior glass panels are also great for patio doors, as they create a subtle visual barrier that makes the interior feel larger and connected to the outdoors. Lighted doors may also work for interior doors to deliver a unified, continuous look between adjacent rooms.

When you choose lighted doors for interiors, it’s best to choose a slab that’s lightweight and durable. Uber Doors offers a range of craftsman style interior doors integrated with tempered glass. Explore our catalog and find one that suits your style. Get in touch with us for more details.