Making Your Home Great Again After a Disaster

HouseThe month of June this year saw a wildfire blaze through Southern Utah, destroying homes and forcing the evacuation of more than 800 people. A month later, torrential rains brought flash floods to Salt Lake City, also resulting in a number of damaged homes and establishments.

Natural disasters are inevitable. They strike anytime and anywhere with catastrophic results that can hamper businesses and affect the lives of people. Data shows that there have been 246 instances of flooding in the US since 1900 and 68,000 wildfires in 2016 alone. These numbers may not stop anytime soon.

Rebuilding homes after a natural disaster can take a toll financially and emotionally on an individual, but recovery is never impossible. Here are ways to ensure that your home will stand strong again after the wrath of Mother Nature:

After the flood

A heavy downpour can cause major flooding and damage your property. The Salt Lake City flooding disaster proved this and the best solution is to hire professionals who specialize in flood cleanup. While there are do-it-yourself solutions, such as shoveling out mud or taking out furniture, there’s always a risk because this type of ordeal possibly involves contaminated floodwater, mold growth, sewage, and live wire exposure.

Stepping out of the fire

Flames are not the only ones that bring damage to homes. Heat, smoke, soot, and water can also exacerbate the problem. The first step is to consult your local Fire Department for advice before doing anything to your house. Do not attempt to turn on the utilities by yourself, vacuum, remove soot and ashes, or enter the premises without the approval of a professional. It is also advisable to contact your insurance company and a fire restoration service provider for damage assessment and repairs.

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Recovering from a natural disaster is possible. Use all the help you can get to make your home great again.