Make Your Garden More Appealing with a Garden Pond

Garden PondMost people tend to plant tons of flowers and plants to fill in the empty spaces in their garden. While we won’t disagree that nothing beats having more plants in your garden, this isn’t the only way to maximize its visual appeal.

Creating a garden pond may seem like a tricky and costly project, but it’s a good way to fill out the spaces in your garden and make your garden look more natural.

The Benefits of a Pond

Whether it’s a small pond or a large watering hole, having a pool of water in your garden is a good way to add a bit of serenity and a calming atmosphere in your green spaces. It serves as a landmark and talking point for your garden and gives you another venue where you can rest and relax.

It also gives you more ‘material’ to work with. While you’re restricted to just terrestrial plants, having a garden pond gives you the opportunity to learn more about water plants. Aquatic plants such as water lilies, water hyacinths, and horsetails provide a good contrast to the usual colorful plants and flowers, and make your garden look more like a thriving environment than a simple plot of green land.

Frog at the pondA Thriving Environment

One of the reasons why many people prefer not to build garden ponds is that they tend to attract animals. Keep in mind though that majority of the animals that make waterways their home are actually beneficial to your garden. Frogs and toads, for example, thrive in wetter areas and are very effective predators of common garden pests. Dragonflies are equally attracted to areas with lots of water and both the adult and its nymphs tend to prey on terrestrial and aquatic pests that may wreak havoc on your garden.

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Speaking of animals, you can further customize your garden pond and make it a real thriving environment by adding fish. Carp is the ideal freshwater fish if you have a relatively large pond area although native fish species are perfectly fine if you have a smaller one in your garden. The presence of fish is more than cosmetic, though; you’ll find that they tend to regulate the pond’s ecosystem all by themselves as their wastes help fertilize the soil and make aquatic plants healthy.

Building a pond area may seem like too much work just to make your garden look more attractive, but its hidden benefits are hard to ignore. Apart from turning your garden into a more natural looking and thriving environment, you also attract animals that will serve as natural pest control.