Leaking Basements: Knowing the Causes, Solutions, and Prevention

Damaged Wall From a Leaking Pipe in Utah

Damaged Wall From a Leaking Pipe in UtahA basement leak is a common issue in many homes. It does not only cause a nuisance to the homeowners, but may also cause significant damage to the structure, which can lead to costly repair. Learn more about a leaking basement, its causes, solutions, and prevention.


Most cases of basement leaks arise from too much water pressure in the soil that surrounds the foundation, baseco.net cites. It could either be brought by water that is naturally present in the ground (hydrostatic pressure) or surrounding soil that doesn’t absorb water and drains quickly (lateral pressure).

Window wells are another common cause. These windows can accumulate rain water when drains are clogged or missing. Poorly installed windows coupled with dysfunctional drainage can cause seepage especially during heavy rains.


When water made its way to your basement, it pays to solve it immediately to prevent further damage. One of the first steps to take is find where the leak is coming from. Seal cracks and holes if possible and try to dry the affected areas.

Companies offering service for basement leaks in Utah suggest seeking help. This is especially important in case of serious leaks and floods. Leave the difficult job to the pros to ensure the best solution.


There are many preventive measures to keep water from entering your basement. One is to make sure your gutters and grading properly diverts rainwater away from your home’s foundation. Clean gutters and downspouts and repair them right away once damage is detected.

Hairline cracks may look like minor flaws, but they could be a sign that your basement is susceptible to water entry. Fix them by applying cement.

Your foundation may be at risk due to aggressive roots of trees planted near your house. Big trees that develop a wide network of sneaky roots must be planted at least 20 feet from your house. Many smaller tree species require at least 10 feet of clearance.

Wise prevention and early intervention are necessary to save you from significant structural damage and costly repair that basement leaks may bring. Remember to hire specialists on the onset to avoid further problem.