Keeping Your Lanai Pristine During the Rainy Season

Home ExteriorThe lanai is an extension of your living space to the outdoors, and you take great pains to make it look great. But, during the rainy season, keeping the area in pristine condition can be a difficult task. How will you prevent water damages? How can you protect the furnishings from cracks, fading, and pest infestation?

If you’ve seen some of the house models in Lancaster, then you may have an idea about how beautiful a lanai can be, and how hard it is to keep it that way, especially in the wet weather. But, there are ways to maintain it even under harsh weather. Here are a few ideas.

Cover it Up

If you have an open lanai, water can easily enter it. Before the rain hits, close off the top part with a screen. Do the same on the sides for the covered kind. Put in plastic plants to cover the holes and give it additional decorations.

Before you leave the house, zip your furnishings up in plastic covers, to keep them dry in case of rain. They work well, especially for couches and other upholstery, as they prevent water from seeping into the fabric and the foam. They also protect wood surfaces.

Use Waterproof Outdoor Furniture

Most outdoor furniture pieces are made of coated wood. Wood rots and attracts pests when moist, and the protective coating on its surface keeps this from happening. Other good materials for outdoor furnishings include aluminum, stainless steel, ceramic, and plastic.

If you have to include a couch or a sofa bed in the lanai, use bean bags or polymeric foam mats and chairs instead. Compared to leather and cloth, they are more resistant to water.

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Use Laminate or Thick Mats on the Floor

Laminates are a great alternative to wood because they look just like it, but are more affordable and have higher resistance to water. They are also less prone to fading, even when they get wet.

For safety and added protection to your floor, you may want to put thick rugs and rubber mats in the entrance to keep soaked feet from bringing mud and dirt to the lanai. This also prevents slipping.

Your lanai can look great no matter what the weather is. With the right materials, you’ll be able to keep it pristine, rain or shine.