Keep Thieves Out of Your Garage and Home with These 4 Tips

Garage Door Being Installed with Security Features

People go the extra mile to secure their doors and windows from thieves, only to find out that robbers broke into their garages. Garages are one of the most common entry points of burglars, precisely because it’s often the most vulnerable. Additionally, it’s also a trove — your car, fancy bikes, and power tools are all valuable items thieves want to get their hands on. That’s why in securing your home you can’t neglect the garage. Here’s how you can keep thieves out of it:

Close the garage door

This is the most obvious, but often dismissed security measure. If you observe carefully, you’ll realise that there are a lot of garage doors left open in the neighbourhood, especially in the morning, when people are going to work or school. Burglars are quick to move, leaving these houses vulnerable to attacks.

Make sure your garage doors are closed and locked as soon as you get out, even if there are people left in the house. It’s also important to store away power tools and other expensive equipment in locked cabinets.

Take the garage door remote with you

Most people leave their remote in a tin can. It’s more convenient, after all. But, if the vehicle is accessed and the opener is there, it then becomes easier for thieves to gain access to the garage and possibly, the entire home. They can easily find your home address with papers left in the car or GPS.

As much as possible, take the garage remote with you wherever you go. Infinite Garage Doors and other experts recommend getting a small keychain remote that you can attach to your car keys, so you won’t forget taking the door opener.

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Install a CCTV

In the mind of trespassers, there’s just too much risk in targeting homes that have security cameras. They naturally pass up on such properties and go for low-risk targets. CCTVs aren’t just visible deterrents, though. There are some security systems that alert your phone if someone is detected going into your property. You can see immediately who’s going in and out of your garage and take action accordingly.

Your garage may be the easiest entry point in your home for burglars. Turn things around and make it difficult for them to access this part of your house with these tips.