Is It Smart to Buy a Narrow Block of Land in Brisbane?

Small Lot Homes

Small Lot HomesWhen it comes building a property in Brisbane, the first dilemma you’d have to solve is to figure out the right size of land to buy. Society tells you that the bigger the parcel, the better. But, it actually makes more sense to buy a small block of real estate than to settle with a big one these days.

Of course, your budget plays a major role in the decision-making; nonetheless, you should strongly consider a narrow lot even if you have the means to get a large piece of land.

The people of Urban Homes share three of the many practical reasons:

Rise of Land Cost

In case you don’t know, the price of land in the Queensland capital is on an upward trend. Forget the CBD, the inner- and middle-ring suburbs saw an increase of 9.9% in value over the year. Although the surge heavily concentrates on land used for towering apartments, there’s no denying that land values for houses aren’t too far behind with all the developments taking place left and right.

Unless you’re well-heeled, it pays to go for more affordable options, like narrow lots. After all, the right design wouldn’t compromise the kind of comfort and function you want in your abode.

Double the Storey, Not Double the Price

Most, if not all, experienced small lot home builders in Brisbane would tell you that you’d actually spend less money by building a two-storey property on a narrow parcel.

Sure, you’d spend about $20,000 to $50,000 more constructing a typical four-bedroom, two-living room property on two levels, rather than just one. As a low-set design requires a bigger, more expensive piece of land, you’d still keep more dollars in your bank account by erecting a two-storey house on a small lot.

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More Lawn to Mow

In reality, properties built on small lots tend to have more yard space, especially double-storey houses. This is because two-level homes are built up, not out. In addition, single-storey abodes usually use more land, chipping away what is otherwise a spacious yard.

Small lots are not for everybody. In the end, the right size of land you should buy depends on your stage in life and particular needs. Unlike big blocks of land, narrow parcels are naturally more affordable with plenty of design possibilities to meet certain requirements.