How to Recognize Water Damage in the Home

Bathroom ceiling broken because of water leakingHomes are very sensitive to water damage since it can be difficult to detect moisture. Moisture can collect behind the walls, which is why mold and bacteria can multiply easily and out of sight. As much as there are so many things a family can do with repairing any damage or destruction, a professional is still the best option. It is important to have someone who can help in getting rid of any serious health or structural threats. The following are various ways on how to spot water damage in your home and when to hire prfoessionals offering water damage restoration. British Columbia and other parts of Canada have many service providers who can give you excellent results.

Smell in the air

Moisture and mold sometimes can be easily smelt in the air. This will make you suspect that you might have a leak somewhere in your home that needs to be repaired.


When there is water damage in your house especially on your carpet and furniture, mold can form. This might appear as dark patches of green fuzz in your furniture, carpets, or walls. You will also find out that the water damage has also made the paint in your house start to fade away.

When there are soft patches and cracking

If you notice tiles on your floor or your walls are coming off, then most likely your pipes have a leak somewhere. The moisture from the leak enters your walls and tiles, making them soft and breaks down the cement that holds them together.

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Cold weather

When it is too cold, it creates a lot of moisture on your walls as the cold air reacts with the warmer temperature inside your home.

When there is water dripping

When you find puddles building up on your property, it’s an obvious sign that there is a leak or lack of ventilation.

All the above signs indicate that you need to seek restoration services as soon as possible, to lessen your expenses. If you ignore all these or any of these signs, there might be more damage to your property than you can imagine. Just call any professionals in British Colombia for advanced services and save your property.