How to Get Rid of Excess Humidity in Your Home

Condensation on the Window

Excess humidity could be quite the challenge for any home as it comes with various hazards, not only to your house—rotting wood and wallpaper, peeling paint, and water damage—but your health as well. But the primary reason excess humidity is an issue is due to the growth it could promote. A humid environment promotes the growth of mold, bacterial, and mildew, which are serious dangers to your health and indoor air quality. To address issues of excess humidity, consider the following solutions:

Get a Dehumidifier

This handy equipment could go a long way towards getting rid of excess humidity in your house. You could simply turn it off when you feel that it’s too drying inside your home. Pro tip: if you use or need to use a humidifier or vaporizer, lower its setting or turn it off when needed.

Check The Temperature

Relative humidity would decrease if you opt for a warmer temperature in your home. Likewise, be aware of the difference in temperature outdoors and indoors since the humidity in your home could increase if the temperatures are too far apart, adds a licensed HVAC technician in West Valley.

Ventilate Well

Proper ventilation would help stop moisture from accumulating in basements, corners, and similar locations. Utilize ventilation systems, exhaust fans, box fans, ceiling fans, or crack a window from time to time to ensure that your home is well ventilated at all times.

Consider Putting Plants Inside Your home

Low maintenance plants could help bring the right amount of moisture in your home and help regulate it.

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Insulate Properly

Ensure that your popes are insulated well to reduce sweating. Likewise, check to see if your crawl spaces are also insulated properly.

Check Your Windows

Increase protection and insulation by installing having new, more energy efficient windows. Otherwise, consider caulking and weather stripping your existing windows to improve efficiency.

Invest in a Sump Pump

If your basement has moisture issues, invest in a sump pump to get rid of water.

These are only some of the things that you could do to help ensure that you don’t have to live with the potential hazards of excess humidity. To be safe, it’s also recommended that you get a professional to inspect your home to make sure that your home is free of mildew and mold. These simple changes would ensure that you’re one step closer to resolving the issue of excessive humidity in your home.