Home Sweet Home: Window Blinds and Child Safety

Window Blinds

Window Blinds in Perth Children are curious little beings, and they’re usually not aware of the concept of danger. This is the reason they find themselves in life threatening circumstances even when they’re at home. Therefore, it is the responsibility of adults to ensure the safety of their child at all times.

A good example is the threats related to window and window blinds. Make sure that the safety aspect of your window treatments are taken care of when you buy cheap blinds in Perth or elsewhere, says theblindsgallery.com.au. Here’s why you need to be more cautious:

  • Cords Can Be Dangerous

Roller blinds are considered not safe for children due to their long cords and easy access to children. These cords can result in strangulation, especially to unsupervised children. Many manufacturers have been concerned about this, so they now give importance to child safety in each product they release.

  • Safety Devices in Place

Most blinds you’ll see today come with safety devices effectively in place. These safety devices can likewise be integrated in your existing blinds. The length of the cords are limited and they’re now more difficult to reach compared to previous designs. In fact, manufacturers are now following rules and regulations regarding child safety issues. Cord stoppers, for instance, are used in certain blinds.

  • Replace Old Blinds

The mechanism of old blinds are different. If you have these at home and there are small children around, it is best for you to replace them immediately. If you cannot integrate any kind of safety device in your existing blinds, replacing them with modern blinds that has safety devices is the recommended option.

Ensuring safety for your children is as important in making your home look good. Keep these points in mind when choosing window blinds for any part of your house. Remember to think safety first.