Home Living: Three Tips for Preparing Your Home for Winter

Snow and Houses

In just a few more months, winter will be here once again. With the cold weather comes the need to prepare not only yourself but also your home. Here are some helpful tips for getting your home ready for the winter season.

Check the Heating System

Inspecting your home’s heating system will make it work throughout the winter season. Check your fireplace or furnace for dust accumulation and set about to clean it. You must find out as well if the filters have to be replaced and if the vents are working correctly. If you need professional services for a new furnace, you can contact companies like those in Salt Lake City to help you.

Seal Any Opening

To help keep the heat inside during winter, seal any opening through which air can pass. For starters, you can line the inside of door frames with weather strips like felt and foam to fill gaps, and the same goes for the openings around your windows. Other potential air leak points in a house include the places where pipes and ducts pass through walls, ceilings, or floors. Thus, be sure to see to them as well.

Assess the Roof

Lastly, make sure that your roof is ready for snow when winter arrives. You should cut tree branches hanging over your roof. Clearing the gutters of debris like leaves and twigs—another reason to get rid of tree branches—is likewise a must-do. Of course, you also need to check the roof for leaks early to give you enough time to do the necessary repair work.

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Overall, prepare your home for the cold weather. This can be the difference between a warm and cozy home and a cold and leaky house during the winter season.