Home Gardening Guide: How to Grow an Organic Vegetable Garden

Organic Gardening in Perth

Organic Gardening in PerthOrganic vegetable gardening has numerous benefits. For one, you and your family would get to enjoy fresh, delicious, and safe produce straight from your backyard. Also, it does great for the planet, which suffers from emissions involved in large-scale farming, food production and transport.

Another great thing about organic gardening is you don’t need a big area. If you have a little space in your backyard, or you have empty containers, you can start a small garden and grow various types of vegetables.

Planning to start an organic vegetable garden? Give the following ideas a go.

Choose your seeds and companion plants wisely

When buying from local nurseries, make sure that you pick good quality seeds. Check if you can find organic and heirloom varieties to suit your garden.

According to specialists in organic gardening, Perth Gardening, diversity of crops is necessary to have a healthy garden. With this in mind, choose seeds of various veggies for your garden. Interplant them with herbs and flowers that make great companions, meaning plants that can help deter pests and attract crop-friendly insects.

Nourish your plants naturally

Fertilising your veggies with natural substances can help them grow healthier and provide you with better yield. You have two options here. You can make your own compost soil by composting kitchen scraps, garden wastes, paper, and other biodegradable wastes. Another option is to buy natural fertilisers made from well-rotted animal manure.

Mulch, but not too much

Mulching is another practice that can help you keep your organic garden healthy. Place a layer of mulch on your soil to keep weeds from thriving near your vegetables. It can also help prevent fungal disease spores from infecting your crops. Use organic mulch such as straw, grass trimmings, bark, or cocoa hulls. One or two inches of mulch is often enough. A layer that is thicker than that might result in poor absorption of water and fertiliser.

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Try these ideas and you can expect a bountiful harvest soon. Don’t be afraid to seek the help of the pros. They will be more than willing to help you grow your garden to its full potential.