Gas Leak: How to Keep Your Family Safe from This Silent Killer

a plumber looking for leaks

All homes must take gas leaks seriously. Natural gas is highly flammable, and when there’s a leak, it increases the risk of explosion and fire. If you suspect a gas leak, you have to immediately vacate the area, call your local fire department and a utility company that does gas line repair, like Alfa Plumbing Services.

Signs of Gas Leak

The thing with natural gas is that when there’s a leak, you would smell it. Usually, it comes in the smell of sulfur or rotten eggs. You would also hear a whistling or a hissing sound on the part of the gas line where the leak is located. A dust line or a cloud line would also form.

If it’s a carbon monoxide leak, you would also experience some physical symptoms like being nauseous, lightheaded, and dizzy. If you experience these things, the best thing to do is to go outside immediately and get some fresh air.

Causes of Gas Leak in the Home

When the hose that leads to the appliance is poorly fitted, you can expect that gas can leak through it. It’s usually an oversight during installation so you better make sure that accredited professionals install your gas lines.

If your appliances are a little older, make sure they’re also checked on a regular basis. If you happen to move into a previously occupied home, also have the second-hand appliances checked. Faulty fittings and badly maintained appliances are major causes of a gas leak in the home.

How to Prevent Gas Leak

Proactively dealing with a gas leak is better than to be caught off guard by it. Your first defense against it is stopping it from happening.

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You can install an audible carbon monoxide alarm in your home to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. Install it in hallways and make sure to replace the batteries on a regular basis to ensure that it’s functioning.

Regularly check the hose and fittings of your gas appliances for leaks. Make sure that the appliances themselves are in good condition and don’t hesitate to replace or have the old ones serviced by professionals.

Your best defense against gas leak is to educate yourself with the matter. When you know about natural gas safety and the signs of carbon monoxide poisoning, you’re better equipped to prevent it from occurring.