Garage Roller Doors: What are Some Common Problems?

garage roller doors

Even though motorised garage doors are highly convenient and keep your car and storage items safe, like most other mechanical items, they require maintenance.

Taking good care of your roller door will significantly increase its useful life and save you the headache of unexpected problems. Particularly on the coast, where the salt air and humidity mixed with grime can create a corrosive cocktail, regular checks will help keep the rollers working. However, some damage may require you to call out someone for roller door repairs, whether you’re in Newcastle or Alice Springs.

Here are some common problems to look out for:

Track Performance Issues

If your garage door tracks are damaged or knocked over by your car, they could suffer from a range of problems. These include increased strain on the motor, heightened noise during operation, and in worst cases, the rollers might fall out of the frame causing harm or damage to property. To prevent track fallout from occurring, ensure that the tracks are always clean and buckle-free. While you can fix small bumps on the track, large dents require professional attention to repair or replace the entire track.

Dead Transmitter Batteries

Dead transmitter batteries are unable to send a signal for the garage door to open. To identify this problem, check whether the transmitter located inside the garage can still open your garage door upon pressing. If it does, then you only require a replacement battery for your car transmitter. If you change the batteries and still have a problem opening, then you need to have the transmitter changed.

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Broken springs

If your door transmitters are in perfect shape, but the garage door will still not open, then the torsion springs could be broken. When the break occurs you’ll hear it; it sounds like a firecracker and is caused by the massive weight of the door. Roller doors have two springs, and if one is broken, opening will become a struggle or impossible. If this happens, call in a professional immediately, as any attempts to do it yourself will be dangerous unless you have experience.

If you realise that your garage door has an issue, park somewhere else until the door is repaired. Additionally, avoid any attempts to open or close the door while it is in that condition, as this could result in further damage to the mechanism and the items nearby.