Four Ways to Prevent Your Pipes from Freezing

Damaged frozen pipe

Nothing is worse than realizing that your pipes have frozen up due to the cold weather. At times like this, you’d wish you’ve prepared enough to avoid the hassles of not having a fully working plumbing. Luckily, it’s never too late to take action. Since the winter is yet to come, you still have time to ensure your system is all set before welcoming the cold season. Here are some steps you may follow to winterize your pipes.

1. Wrap the Pipes with Heater Tapes

Use heater tapes to wrap your pipes, especially those directly exposed to the cold. Choose high-quality wraps to ensure that they will not break even under extreme circumstances. Once you’ve put the tapes all over, keep on monitoring the temperature of your pipes to avoid overheating, which could burst out your pipes. Be sure that upon application, you strictly follow the instructions to prevent malfunctions or problems when in use.

2. Insulate Pipes with Rubber Foam

Another effective way to keep your pipes and plumbing system fully operational during winter in Utah is to cover it with rubber foam insulation. While this method helps retain the heat on your system, this isn’t enough to prevent your pipes from freezing. Along with this, you must maintain the right amount of heat passing through your pipes. Thus, you have to keep your faucet dripping so that the water won’t get stuck along the way.

3. Drain the Water Lines

To avoid the build-up of frozen water in your pipes, it’s important that you drain out the water lines completely. This is to prevent the continuous pumping of water all throughout your system. When water is not needed, be sure to turn off the main valve completely so that there are no drops of water getting in as it may cause a disaster in your home.

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4. Try Thawing the Ice off the Pipes

In case, you’re already experiencing frozen pipes. The best thing you could do is to melt or thaw the ice. This is to help liquefy the build-up of ice through your system. You may use a blow dryer set at the highest level to complete this task, or you may also employ the services of professional contractors to effectively address the issue. Regardless, it’s important to take action immediately once you start noticing that your pipes are slowly freezing.

Prepare your home and your pipes for the upcoming winter by following these tips and tricks. There’s no better way to handle the situation than to prevent it from happening. This way you’ll never have to deal with costly repair and replacement services during the cold season.