Four Ways to Make Your Small Space Appear Bigger

Room Space

Small spaces aren’t necessarily unpleasant. While decorating a small room or area is challenging for some people, others see it as an opportunity to be smart, creative and resourceful. You can do many things to make small spaces look bigger and more beautiful. Here are some tips for you:

Use Big Furniture

Decorating a small space with small furniture pieces might sound reasonable, but it is a common rookie mistake. According to experts on small space interior design, a few large functional pieces of furniture can make a room appear more spacious. Choose sofas and chairs that are raised on legs for a lighter and spacious look and feel.

Revamp Your Flooring

One of the keys to making a space look big is by changing the look and feel of the major surfaces. Be consistent with your flooring type in the different areas of your small living space. This should help establish the fact that the areas belong to one big space. Choose wider panels for timber flooring and large tiles for tiled floors.

Repaint Your Walls

Your wall is another critical feature that needs to be improved. Paint it with a light colour to make the room feel airier and brighter. Light colours, such as white and cream, reflect light better. This not only expands the space visually but also maximises the natural lighting that your room receives during the daytime.

Incorporate Mirrors

Incorporating mirrors into your interior design is another wise move to create an illusion of larger space. You can hang a few framed mirrors of different sizes on top of your sofa or lean a large full-length one on one side of the room. You don’t just visually maximise space this way; you also add a functional and stylish accent to your walls.

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Overall, you can do many things to make a small room appear large. All you have to do is find the right pieces while considering the function of each part or element.