For Pregnant Women: 3 Simple Tips for Getting Better Sleep

Pregnant woman sleeping peacefully

While pregnancy is a joyful experience, it comes with several sacrifices, from increasing bathroom visits to nausea, body aches and heartburn. These factors, along with the progressing pregnancy, take a toll on your body, making it difficult to sleep. Fortunately, there are things you can do to get a better sleep:

1. Maintain a relaxing sleep environment

conducive sleeping environment is paramount to getting quality sleep. If your mattress is uncomfortable, now is a good time to check out different mattress stores, such as 2 Brothers Mattress. Your sleepwear should also accommodate the changes you’re experiencing. Invest in comfortable maternity pajamas. Keep your bedroom at a comfortable temperature since your body is likely to generate a lot of heat, which could be uncomfortable at night.

2. Exercise as much as possible

Exercise is highly beneficial during pregnancy, so don’t avoid it. Pregnancy makes you vulnerable to leg cramps, which will wake you up at night. By exercising, you can significantly reduce the occurrence of leg cramps. For the best outcome, consult your obstetrician for a suitable pregnancy exercise plan for you.

3. Watch what you eat

It’s important to watch keenly what you eat, especially when nearing bedtime. To reduce the risk of heartburn and indigestion, avoid spicy and fatty foods in the evening. Have small meals regularly to avoid discomfort. Also, make it a habit to eat early and avoid eating one hour to bedtime. To avoid waking up frequently to use the bathroom, control you fluids intake late in the night.

In addition, always sleep on your left when pregnant. This posture aids in blood circulation and enhances digestion, thus boosting sleep. With these tips, getting sleep during pregnancy doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Make the necessary adjustments to help you enjoy the journey.

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