For Pet Owners: What to Do Before the Carpet Cleaners Arrive

Cat lying on floor

Luxurious carpeting adds to the comfort and beauty of a home. When you have pets, pet odor and staining can take a toll on the carpeting. Regular professional cleaning is necessary to maintain your carpet. Here are tips to help maintain your carpet before you need to call a carpet cleaning service provider in Draper when you have pets.


Cleaning services use heavy hoses and long cords to deliver their services. Having items on the floor can be disruptive and also add to tripping hazards. It is essential to declutter the area and keep all fragile items away to prevent breakage. Remove all your pet toys, scratching posts, bird trees, and any other pet supplies from the service area before the cleaning service arrives.

Keep Pets Safe

The cleaning process involves loud noises from the machines. This can frighten your pets, so it’s best to keep them away during the process. Also, when the cleaners are using a cleaning system mounted on a truck, a door to the outside should remain open. To protect your pets from getting startled or escaping, keep them away from the cleaning area and put them in a place where they will remain safe.

Get Rid of Dander

Eliminate pet dander in your home, from your couch, sofa or carpet by vacuuming first. When there is less of it, the technicians can focus on eliminating deep-set stains from urine and coffee, and dirt lying deep in your carpets.

Pet odors, stains, fur, and urine can make your carpeting less appealing. While securing carpet cleaning services, remember to let the company know that you own pets. Also, follow any other instructions and meet the general requirements given by the company. This way, the cleaning procedure will be quick and satisfying.

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