Find Out if Your AC Compressor Needs Replacing

an air conditioner

The air conditioning’s compressor is one of its most important parts because it helps the system pressurize properly and keep the flow of the refrigerant. If it breaks down, the AC may no longer work efficiently or cease to function at all.

Whipple Service Champions, an expert on AC service in Salt Lake City, cites the following signs that it may be time to replace, repair, or maintain the compressor.

High Temperature

One of the signs to look out for is that the system no longer produces cold air to maintain the temperature you want. A room starts to feel warmer than usual this is because the compressor is unable to regulate the flow of refrigerant.

Loud Noises

When you start hearing loud noises such as rattling, it may mean that the compressor needs repair or replacing. Compressors have many smaller inner components, if any of these breaks or come loose it will produce a squealing or grinding sound.

In such severe cases, you may have to replace the entire component instead of having it fixed.

The Clutch is no Longer Moving

If the clutch does not work anymore, your air conditioning is in trouble. This part of the system allows the pulley and the engine power to function properly. This can either break or seize; the former prevents the engine from receiving power, and the latter keeps the compressor activated.

You have the option for a quick fix or have the entire part replaced.

Leakages of Moisture

Once you start seeing moisture accumulation or puddles around the section of the system, it may mean refrigerant leaking. This may lead to headaches, coughing and eye irritation. If you let this happen and delay action, the air conditioning may cease to work because it may run out of chemicals.

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You need to look into these symptoms when considering a fix, a replacement, or maintenance of the compressor. Consult a repair company to determine which action to take once you notice these signs.