Fibreglass Pools: Does Colour Matter?

Swimming Pool

Fibreglass swimming pools are now available in an array of colours, thanks to the innovation of the manufacturers. With their gorgeous colours other than aqua blue and white, it’s no wonder they have become a popular choice for pool buyers. But among all the new colour options, which one you should go for?

Aesthetic Appeal

As they come in a variety of designs and colours, fibreglass pools are an ideal option for some homeowners who want a backyard upgrade. The colour, however, must match or complement the pool’s surroundings.

Is your backyard full of tall trees? Consider a light-coloured pool to create a tropical atmosphere. On the other hand, if you have a contemporary landscape, it is better to select sleek and elegant colours. Pool colour selection is crucial, especially if you want to achieve a certain appeal. But here’s a precaution on extremely dark coloured-pools: it is fairly common knowledge that they can make the pool appear deeper than it actually is.

Calming Effects

According to a study by Wallace J. Nichols, the colour blue has tremendous calming effects. It helps relax your mind, reduce your anxiety and lower your blood pressure. Nichols also illustrated that being near in, on, or under the sea can make you happier and healthier; thus, you can potentially be better at anything that you do. Nichols conducted studies on athletes, scientists, and artists and his findings revealed that the proximity of the subjects to water has improved their performance and has increased their professional success.

With these findings in mind, it is a smart decision to choose a pool with a colour that closely resembles the colour of the ocean. Just inform Palm City Pools or other swimming pool companies in Perth of your preference, and they will definitely help you find the most soothing shade of blue.

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These tips can be helpful for you, when shopping for a new pool. But, at the end of the day, the choice of pool colour greatly depends on your unique needs and wants. Make sure you disclose all your requirements to the pool companies, so they can help you find the fibreglass pool colour that is the perfect match for your home.