Do You Want to Live in a Penthouse Apartment?

Penthouse Apartment

Penthouse ApartmentA penthouse is also called the apartment on the roof, because that’s exactly where it is. It is the topmost unit available in an apartment building.

If you’re shopping for a new place to live, you’re probably also checking the advantages a particular type of apartment offers so you can compare it with those of a different style. A penthouse unit may be worthy of your consideration. Here are some of the pros and cons of living in such an apartment.


A penthouse apartment in Brisbane affords a view of your surroundings from up top. says most of such views are stunning. Imagine yourself getting up for your morning coffee as you look at the horizon while still in your bathrobe. There’s a reason penthouse is synonymous with luxury in most circles. If the apartment has a balcony, your enjoyment is doubled because you can actually breathe in the air outside.

You don’t have to worry about curious eyes if your neighbours are floors below you. A large enough balcony may be enough for a run or for placing a small gym. You may be the only tenant in the building who can actually prepare a barbecue.

There are no neighbours on either side, so no noises from across the hall or on the other side of your wall. For those interested in astronomy, a penthouse is the perfect apartment.


You may have to spend a bit more on heating when the weather is too cold; your unit is bound to be the coldest in the building. The same is true when it’s too hot; you’ll be running your air conditioners on high because your apartment is the building’s shield from the sun above. The price of the apartment may also be higher than those that are within the building.

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Every style of apartment has its pros and cons. Figure out if the penthouse unit you’re eyeing is worth all the cons. After all, it’s probably one of your most luxurious options.