Common Refrigerator Problems Homeowners Face

isolated opened empty refrigerator on white backgroundThe refrigerator or fridge is one of the most necessary appliances inside every home. Without it, food will spoil, and beverages won’t be as enjoyable to consume. However, like other appliances, the fridge can also suffer from wear and tear. Extensive use, abuse, and fluctuating power can cause parts to rust, loosen, or stop working altogether. How do residents in Utah know when to call their trusted fridge repair guy? Here are common refrigerator problems that can affect both new and well-loved units:

Inconsistent Temperature or Inability to Cool

Inconsistent temperature is one of the most common problems of ineffective refrigerators. According to Consumer Reports, fridges should have uniform temperatures during performance tests. The ideal temperature is 37 °F in the refrigerator and 0 °F in the freezer. Problems in the compressor or any of its starting components might cause problems in this aspect.

The compressor is normally located at the back of the fridge and makes a steady, humming noise. Do you hear a buzzing and clicking sound from the compressor? If it occurs at a steady and consistent rate, it is normal. If not, you can manually reset the compressor to see if it will turn on. If nothing happens after a few minutes, it would be best to call a professional to have the unit checked.

Freezer Door Won’t Close

Refrigerator doors use rubber gaskets to close. This gets damaged with frequent opening and closing, and the gaskets eventually loosen over time. Regular cleaning and maintenance can improve the grip of the gasket and extend its life. You can also lubricate it with lotions or paraffin wax after thorough cleaning.

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When all else fails, skilled professionals know at first glance if the gasket — and the whole appliance for that matter — can still be salvaged, or if it’s time to buy a new one.