Clever Ways to Target Pests Without Harming Non-Pest Insects

Pest control expert standing next to a van

The U.S. has a significant problem: non-pest insects are declining. That means your bees and butterflies are becoming more scarce. What about pests, you ask? Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about them as mosquitoes, cockroaches, and termites continue to thrive.

To help reverse the situation, do the following:

Connect with Pest Control Companies

Even pest control experts like Bain Pest Control Service in New England acknowledge the dwindling population of bees and butterflies. They would not want to add to the problem by using harsh chemicals that kill any insects on site. Certain pest control procedures are safe for non-pest insects, so be careful in choosing your company wisely. You want someone who cares about the environment and not just about the money they take home.

Keep Surroundings Clean

Mosquitoes and cockroaches thrive on dark and damp environments. Your house becomes the perfect residence for them if you have stagnant water or are ignoring a leaking faucet. They reproduce easily, which means the problem can easily escalate if you do not act quickly. Get rid of any stagnant water and fix all leaks. Clean the house thoroughly, especially the kitchen, where leftover food particles act as food for cockroaches.

Choose Plants Wisely

Bees and butterflies are essential to pollination. They have a clear role in the ecosystem, and you would do well to invite them into your garden. You’ll want milkweed in there, along with perennials. Go for a variety of flowering plants, so your garden will have something in full bloom regardless of the season. Take care that your garden is not treated with pesticides or insecticides.

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On the other hand, if your goal is to keep mosquitoes away, add lavender, basil, marigolds, geranium, and basil to your garden. Monarch butterflies act as natural pest control, which means inviting them to your garden works to beautify the place and get rid of pests.

Is there a way to solve two problems at once? With clever pest control and gardening practices, you help non-pest insects thrive and get rid of pests.