Clever Ways to Make Small Rooms Look Bigger

Make Small Rooms Look Bigger

Make Small Rooms Look BiggerHomeowners can make small rooms look bigger through proper use of colour, lighting and furniture arrangement. Clever use of these and other applicable methods can fool the eye and do the trick.

Here are some deceptively smart ways to do that. 

Complementing paint

Light and bright colours make rooms bigger. Walls can be painted with white, and wide clear glass panels can be used for doors and windows to keep the interior bright. Black paint for door and window frames can help point room sections without disrupting the flow.

Contrasting elements

The kitchen area can be highlighted by using wood for cabinetry. Enclose it with white painted walls on its L sides and add another bar to achieve a U-shape. To contrast, the dining area can have glass walls from ceiling to floor.

Bring in natural light

It is not only energy efficient; it can also enhance your room spatially. Use fixed glass windows for areas with good views where ventilation is not needed. If the window area is heavily exposed to sunlight, add lighting fitting or use appropriate glazing technology to control the light that enters. Artificial lights can also be used as an alternative.

Effective Use of Mirrors

Mirrors can pull off the illusion of depth in different ways. Use it to reflect natural and artificial light. You may put it near the windows to reflect the outdoors. Angling it toward the room’s focal point can be just as effective.

Say no to clutter

Urban Homes says home builders on narrow lots do not compromise on quality. You should also not settle for an uncomfortable space. Keep your furniture and displays tidy and organised. Make sure they are well-placed to make your house look fully furnished without looking messy.

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A small house shouldn’t have to feel restricting. With proper lot plans in place, and effective use of colour, lighting and furniture arrangement, it can be just the kind of home you dream to have in Brisbane.