Choosing a Garage Door: The Basics

Garage Door in UtahMany companies offer residential and commercial garage door service (such as manufacture and installation) in Utah, and as there is no dearth of choice, there is a measure of difficulty in choosing which contractor and the design you need. Take heart, as there are some things to note so that you pick the door that fits your requirements and budget.

Price’s Guaranteed Doors advises looking for the following when buying a commercial garage door:

  • Location of the door

It is important to know where exactly the garage door is in your house. The garage doors can be in a detached or attached garage, a standalone structure such as a shed or barn or under the main level of a home. Garage doors should, therefore, suit its location and, by extension, its purpose; for example, if the door is under the main door or home, then it is best to have insulated doors.

  • Insulated doors

These doors will play a big role on the ambient temperature in a home, so insulated doors will help you control your utility bills. There are different values of insulation, and the selection process will be easier if you know the construction of the garage. The doors should match the insulating capacity and insulating value of the garage walls, say a 13 value. If the garage is a stand-alone one, then an insulation range can be lower than 13 value. Fiberglass-insulated and steel-insulated doors are fine, but with the right insulation values.

  • Advantages of insulation

Apart from keeping the home and the garage warm and comfortable, insulated garage doors will keep the door operation very quiet. If not, the doors can make loud noises, which similar to the rolling of several tin cans, every time you open or close them. The insulation also makes the doors very durable and also strong. These doors come with excellent locking system and are very difficult to break through.

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Follow the above tips to select the best garage doors for your home or office. It is advisable to consult professionals, if you need advice and in doubt as to which garage door is best suited for your garage.