Choosing a Builder: Trusting the Right Contractor to Build Your House

Home BuilderFor most Australians, a house is their biggest and most important investment. It’s your most expensive and important purchase, so it is only proper that when you build that house you get it right the first time.

This is why you can’t just get the first contractor you find the phone book. Your choice should be right and final; once they start digging the foundation there’s probably no turning back.

To help you in your search for the right builder, here are some suggestions.

Go Local

Before you welcome the idea of getting a builder from a city thousands of kilometres away, look at your local choices. First of all, you’ll save money if the builder is local, as the transport of materials and manpower doesn’t take as much expense or time. You also give back to the community when you hire locally. If changes have to be made during construction, it won’t take days for your builder to arrive with the right plans or materials. Besides, your local builder will likely treat you as a neighbour, so they won’t pad the cost or material and labour as they know you can always check around.

Be Precise

Talk to your builder about your exact needs and preferences, but listen to their suggestions as well. According to Urban Homes, if you need narrow lot house plans with modern accoutrements don’t get confused with sprawling house plans with an old-school feel. Ask your contractor for ideas because they should know better. If they don’t, you’re probably better off with someone else who does.

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Ask for a Portfolio and Recommendations

A professional builder will gladly answer questions and provide a portfolio of past projects so you can get a feel of how they work. But they will also pick their best work to show you. So ask for a list of their former customers who are willing to answer your questions about their experience working with the contractor.

Don’t go with a contractor whose idea of good service is underbidding everyone else. If they’re too cheap, their work will be too. Go with a builder that’s professional and trustworthy; these ideas will help you figure out which one of your choices is.