Childproofing a Home: Protecting Your Little One from Accidents at Home

Home Improvements

Home Improvement in AustraliaYour little one is now discovering that she can walk another step without falling if she tries really hard. In a matter of months she’ll be running around the house, wreaking havoc and causing you to endlessly worry even while you’re happy to see your bundle of joy healthy. There is nothing in the world that will get in the way of you protecting her from anything that might threaten that.

To have a bit more peace of mind, baby- or child-proof your home. Here are a few ways to do that.


Stairs are one of the biggest threats to child safety. One minute you’re answering the phone, the next minute you’re hanging up to dial emergency services. To prevent your little one from trying to climb down, install gates at opposite ends of the stairs. To make your second floor and stairs even safer, industry professional Jigsaw Balustrades suggests having glass balustrades installed. The glass will keep her from falling and allow you to see what’s happening.


Slips and falls are common accidents among children. Most times, a kid will bounce right back, but a bad fall may lead to bruises or even broken bones. Use carpets and rugs to make the floor less slippery and to serve as a soft cushion. They will keep your floors warm too. Runners for stairs and hallways are also a good idea. Be prepared for the cost of cleaning them, though that’s a small price to pay for the safety of your child.

Choking hazards

Babies will try to put anything in their mouth. To protect your child from choking hazards, keep small items that they can swallow away from their reach. Never give them toys that are not right for their age, and which are not certified to be free from poisonous materials.

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